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Unprinted Prints – Printed, is a series of prints made during my times as a graphic design student (2014–2018). The selected work is either unused, unpublished, or unprinted. Close ×
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Book made for Declaring Reason Exhibition at Museum Meermanno 03.06—24.09. We were asked to interpret Joan Derks pamphlet: "People of The Netherlands" from 1781. Focusing on his ideas of vigilance and manipulation, fake news seemed like the contemporary link. The manipulating aspect of fake news often come from the association of headlines and images. This project is an attempt to showcase this tension by dividing these two elements. All images are from news stories, under the category of politics, which the public has sent to review at fact checking sites in the year of 2016. Made in collaboration with Leith Benkhedda. Supervised by Niels Schrader, Maarten Cornel & Lauren Alexander. Close ×
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Web based VJ-tool. Through open API from The Guardian it imports the daily headlines and distorts them alongside various imagery also from news stories. Project inspired by statistician Hans Rosling: "Don’t use the media to understand the world”.

Made during coding class at KABK advised by Vit and Tereza Ruller (The Rodina). Thanks to Ondrej Bachor for EXIL71 font. Close ×
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Arto profiltekster
09.06.17 was the first big social network in Denmark - started in 1998. A part of the network was that each profile had it's own iframe profile-text. These texts were a small website you could code yourself, often containing favorite bands, hometown, boyfriends, drinking habits etc. This project is a attempt to index and perpetuate these texts, organized by geographics.

Made during Typography class at KABK supervised by Thomas Buxo. Thanks to Tao Kitamoto for the scraped profile-texts and Linnea Frandsen for photos. Close ×
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ISO 216 360°
ISO 216 360° is a tool that uses the format of ISO 216 in virtual reality space. Merging both virtual and static strategies, ISO 216 360° - is an investigation on how the fact of virtuality extends the boundaries within ISO 216. Each room is it’s own exploration of composition, and altogether they create new ways of perceiving poster creation.

Made during flex-media course at KABK in collaboration with Jan Husstedt supervised by Ludmila Rodrigues & Mike Rjinierse. Close ×
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Point And Line Gallery
Mural painted in Four Boxes Gallery is a Exploration of the correspondence between colors and lines, created with basis in Wassily Kandinsky’s assignments originally made for his courses at the Bauhaus. The relationship between colors and lines are determined through various exercises and surveys. See the other beautiful murals here.

Made during my stay at Krabbesholm with Anna Gunvor, Viktor Sakshaug & Hugo Barne. Supervised by Nina Paim & Corinne Gisel. Close ×
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Bill font
Bill is a neo-grotesque with a number alternative version to specific letters. This is inspired by leetspeek, and contemporary internet culture. Leet (or “1337”), also known as eleet or leetspeak, is an alternative alphabet for many languages that is used primarily on the Internet. It uses some characters to replace others in ways that play on the similarity of their glyphs via reflection or other resemblance.

Made during type design course at DMJX supervised by Trine Rask. Close ×
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Skal vi dele?
Identity for sharing economy conference challenges the perception of sharing economy - both pros and cons. The layout is constructed on a visually present grid of pluses and minuses, and the content is based on topical pictures in relation to text set in large sizes.

Made during first year exams at DMJX supervised by Henrik Birkvig. Close ×
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